CDC to provide $631M in COVID-19 relief funds for some states to begin reopening economy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will provide $631 million in additional resources to state and local jurisdictions in the fight against the coronavirus, and to begin reopening the economy.
The Department of Health and Human Services made the announcement Thursday.
The HHS says the CDC will use funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, to aid 64 jurisdictions.
"The funds will help states with their efforts to reopen America," the HSS wrote in a press release.
Among the states awarded, Connecticut will receive $7,842,523, New Jersey will receive $15,400,178.00, and New York will receive $18,544,755.
Each state is intended to use the funds for establishing or enhancing the ability to aggressively identify cases of coronavirus, conduct contact tracing and follow up, as well as implement appropriate containment measures, improving morbidity and mortality surveillance, enhancing testing capacity, controlling COVID-19 in high-risk settings and protect vulnerable or high-risk populations, working with health care systems to manage and monitor system capacity.
HHS did not say when the funds would be distributed to states.
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