CDC grants request for military vet's dog to stay in the US, reunite with family

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has signed a commitment with Long Island-based Paws of War to keep a veteran's companion dog in the United States.
Staff Sgt. AJ Karrish has pleaded with local officials and the CDC in previous days to keep Harley, a dog who he befriended while deployed in the Middle East, from being sent back to Jordan due to a paperwork error.
Harley was a stray that he found while in a combat zone, and then was adopted by the military base.
Kirrish says when he tried to return home, the dog was detained at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
VIDEO: Kirrish tells his & Harley's story
The Air National Guard veteran teamed up with the Long Island Congressional delegation to stop Harley from being sent back. Rep. Kathleen Rice was among those to write the CDC to keep the pup in the United States.
Paws of War joined in to help via a program where it gets dogs overseas vaccinated and then brought safely to the U.S. Paws of War says this is the first time it ever had an issue like this.
The CDC announced that it issued a permit for Harley Thursday.
"I am simply overwhelmed with joy for Staff Sgt. Kirrish and Harley, and I am so relieved they will be reunited soon," said Rep. Kathleen Rice. "I thank my colleagues in the Long Island delegation for coming together on this issue, and I am grateful to the CDC and HHS for doing the right thing and allowing Harley entry into the United States."