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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Person with fake ID attempts to take package from FedEx driver in Bay Shore

Bryan Butler says the video doorbell shows the person walking around the neighborhood for hours.

Thema Ponton and Stephen Levine

Mar 7, 2023, 10:31 PM

Updated 473 days ago


A Bay Shore homeowner says an expensive package was almost stolen from right in front of his house.
Bryan Butler's doorbell camera caught a person walking back and forth in front of his driveway in the middle of the day.
A FedEx truck then stops at the corner and the person walks up to the driver.
Butler says he was later told that the person showed the FedEx driver a photo ID with Butler's information on it but someone else's picture.
He says the FedEx driver refused to give up the package and walked up Butler's driveway to leave the package at the front door.
The person is then seen on the video walking away from the delivery driver, and Butler says the package was delivered to his home.
Butler says it concerns him video shows the person walking around the neighborhood for hours.
He filed a police report, and Suffolk County police told News 12 that they are looking into it.
FedEx released a statement, saying, “The safe and secure delivery of customer shipments is a top priority for FedEx and we commend this courier for ensuring that this customer received their package. We are reviewing this incident, and FedEx fully cooperates with investigating authorities on such matters” 

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