Caught on camera: 4 men attempt to break into Roslyn Heights home; neighbors say it keeps happening

The men kept searching for a way in before the homeowner made noises and scared them off.

Jon Dowding

Aug 26, 2023, 12:13 AM

Updated 242 days ago


Police are searching for four men who attempted to break into a Roslyn Heights home early Friday morning - a problem that neighbors say keeps happening in their community.
Nassau County police shared a Ring camera video that caught the suspects, who were wearing masks and hoods, coming up to the back door of the home at around 4 a.m.
They could be seen shining lights into the home and trying to get in through a back door.
A 51-year-old woman who was inside the home at the time started banging on windows which sent them running.
Rhoda Schneider, of Roslyn Heights, has lived in the neighborhood since the late 1960s. She says not surprised by all the break-ins recently.
"The community actually has footage of these burglars, but they're very smart,” she said. “They're wearing ski masks and hoods. And basically, they're just trying to get the cars. They're trying to get in, grab the car, and get out."
Other neighbors who spoke to News 12 agree, there have been several other attempted break-ins recently.
One neighbor told News 12 someone attempted to break into their home three weeks ago on a nearby road.
Nassau County police confirmed the incident happened on Aug. 3. The neighbor shared pictures exclusively with News 12 showing three people walking up their driveway all dressed in black. The neighbor says the trio went around the house looking around and one had a metal bar in their hand.
Members of the Roslyn Country Club Civic Association started a new initiative to make sure this doesn't keep happening.
"Our community came together recently, and we started our own patrol,” said Schneider. "We urge more members of our community to join the patrol so that we can get more cars out and have more hours of being patrolled."
Alina Uzilov, vice president of the Roslyn Country Club Civic Association (RCCCA), told News 12 in a statement in part:
“We are in close collaboration with our local police force and our neighbors to ensure the initiative's success. Moreover, our community stays vigilant through various forums, and we promptly alert each other about any incidents.”
Schneider has a few quick tips for her neighbors.
"Lock their cars, take out their keys, and put their car in the garage,” she said.
Uzilov says a second announcement inviting residents to participate in this patrol will be issued later this week by mail.
Nassau County police released a statement, saying, “Police are aware of the attempt and are increasing patrols in the area. We strongly encourage the community to call 911 immediately if they see anything suspicious and to double check that key fobs are not left in vehicles and doors are locked the investigation is ongoing.”
Neighbors interested in getting involved in the new community mobile patrol should contact RCCCA using this email:

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