Cat, raccoon found caught in hunting traps set in Baldwin

A cat and a raccoon were found caught in hunting traps set in a residential neighborhood of Baldwin, according to the Nassau County SPCA.
Someone was able to free the cat, but the raccoon died of its injuries.
The SPCA says two traps were found, but there could be more.
John Spat, a community volunteer, says a cat has been spotted hobbling around with what appears to be another trap. Spat and other volunteers were working on catching the cat to remove the trap.
John Balbi, a Baldwin man who takes care of a cat colony, is worried the injured cat might be one of his. He says he has two black cats that are missing.
The volunteers were putting out humane traps, hoping to catch any other animals before they fall victim to the hunting traps.
Anyone with information on the hunting traps is asked to call the Nassau SPCA at 516-843-7722.