Candidates for Southold Town supervisor focus on preserving land, water quality

Suffolk County Legislator Al Krupski is running against Don Grim.

News 12 Staff

Oct 26, 2023, 10:14 AM

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Preserving land and water quality are the two big issues both men running for Southold Town Supervisor are passionate about.
While both candidates see eye to eye on what’s important to Southold, their plans differ.
The two men are Suffolk County legislator and owner of Krupski’s Farm Al Krupski and recycling manager and operator Don Grim.
VIDEO: Extended interview with Don Grim:
Grim says preserving water quality is something that could be improve by cutting back in some areas.“The high use of nitrogen that people put on their front lawns just to keep them green, maybe if they could just cut back a little bit and not be as green, our bays would be stronger and alive,” said Grim.
Krupski says a big part in preserving the waterways is preserving the land.“You try to preserve big blocks of open space so you have wildlife habitat, and also all that preserve land access recharge for rainwater so we're trying to work on keeping our aquifer filled,” said Krupski.
When it comes to traffic, Krupski’s solution is a simple one, less development means less traffic.
VIDEO: Extended interview with Al Krupski:
Grims traffic plan isn't focused on less development, just less cars by creating a transport station in Riverhead for people visiting the North Fork.
Krupski was first elected as a town trustee in 1985 and has been involved in town politics for more than two decades.
Grim, who has lived in Cutchogue since 1975, is new to politics but has been a business and land owner in Southold for many years.

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