Bronx official demands answers on construction delay

A Bronx official wants answers about delays to a Riverdale construction project, which has turned commuting into a nightmare.
State Assemblyman Jeffrey Dino (D-Bronx) says work on a small overpass, located at West 252 Street, is still not finished after two and a half years. Dino demands that city officials explain the holdup.
According to Dino, work on the Riverdale overpass is taking longer than the 23 months it took to build the Whitestone Bridge. He says the foot-dragging comes with a price.
?Construction costs are rising every month, so every time you don?t get something done as quickly as you can, it?s going to have an impact,? Dino says.
A sign posted by the New York City Department of Transportation outside the construction site declares that it is one of many projects around the city that will improve residents? quality of life once it is completed.
One driver, however, says he just wants to see the overpass fixed as soon as possible.A representative of the DOT was not immediately available for comment about the project.