Bronx fire shakes up residents, injures 1 firefighter

Bronx residents are recovering from the shock and chaos of a fire that raged through a six-story building Saturday, sending residents fleeing into the streets.
At least 100 firefighters responded to the blaze on E. 222nd Street. Resident Denise Campbell said she was sleeping in her fifth-floor apartment when she smelled smoke, woke up to check the door and found it seeping into her apartment. She ran to safety.
A spokesperson for the fire department said the fire appeared to have been started by a cigarette. The fire traveled mostly as thick smoke to the fifth and sixth floors. The blaze was extinguished in 20 minutes. One firefighter suffered rib injuries, while six others were treated for smoke inhalation.
Resident Sylvia Rivera said she was afraid because it wasn't clear where the threat was coming from. Most tenants complained their smoke detectors never went off. Many who live in the building said they plan to demand answers from the landlord as to why their smoke detectors failed.