Brentwood man accused of violently shaking baby

? A Long Island father is accused of violently shaking his 4-month-old daughter, sending the child to the hospital.
Jorge Rivera, of Brentwood, is charged with reckless assault in connection to the Aug. 13 incident.
The child?s mother, Gabrielle Sloat, told News 12 Long Island she does not stand behind her fiancé. She said she was not present when Rivera allegedly shook the baby, but would not comment further.
While some neighbors said Rivera seemed like a good father, others said they?ve seen him act violently in the past.
Rivera was supposed to be arraigned Wednesday, but prosecutors said he wasn?t because he is being hospitalized for an unknown reason. He is held on $200,000 bail.
The Rivera charges mark the second local baby-shaking case to take place in two days. Kevin Calender was also accused of assaulting a young child after police say he became frustrated by a video game and shook his 4-month-old girl on Aug. 14. According to investigators, he shook the child hard enough to cause bleeding in her brain.
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