Bomb scare rattles Sunrise Mall shoppers

The Nassau County Arson/Bomb Squad descended on the Sunrise Mall Tuesday after a bag containing suspicious materials was found under a bench.
The green duffel bag was found outside Macy's. Police say two employees picked it up, moved it outside and then opened it. They told police they saw some items they considered suspicious and possibly related to bomb-making literature.
Authorities isolated the bag and blocked off the mall?s entrance and one of the parking lots while they investigated. After a robot X-rayed the bag, police determined it was a false alarm.
?We were able to examine that duffle bag and take it apart,? Lt. Kevin Power, of the Nassau Arson/Bomb Squad, says. ?There were no bomb-making materials in there, no items associated with bomb-making literature or bomb-making apparatus.?
The mall was not evacuated. Shoppers say everything inside the mall seemed to be under control. Police say the duffel bag belonged to a man who was inside the mall looking for jobs and that he left it there intentionally.