Black Lives Matter rally focuses on imprisoned women in Nassau County

A Black Lives Matter rally held outside of the Nassau County jail Friday shed light on bringing justice for imprisoned black and transgender women.
Pamela Neely, a member of the Justice for Women Task Force, was once incarcerated and says she knows how they’re treated first hand.
“They really don't understand the needs of women,” says Neely. "It is horrible.”
Since her release, Neely says advocating for women behind bars has become her lifelong mission.
“As long as I have breath in my body I am going to do whatever I can for them,” she says.
News 12 is told that several of those incarcerated had a chance to speak at the demonstration.
“Our goal today is to bring transparency to the abuse that women behind bars suffer,” says Serena Liguori.
Supporter Danielle Donaphin helps women leaving prison transition back into the community.
"I hear the stories from the women who are coming home from jail from prison and there is a lot of trauma,” says Donaphin.
According to a statement issued by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department, “We take the advocates' concerns seriously and have a goal to do the best we can to reduce victimization in our communities. Our family and communities are directly impacted on what we do and provide."