Bellone: Suffolk County 'basically out' of PPE supplies as death toll climbs to 124

County Executive Steve Bellone gave an update on the coronavirus pandemic in Suffolk Saturday afternoon. 
Bellone says an additional 28 people have died of COVID-19 in the county since the last update, for a total of 124. The people ranged in age from mid-30s to mid-90s.
-Health workers are in the medical equivalent of a "war zone," he says, and are fighting to save lives without needed equipment.
-Bellone says the county is "basically out" of PPE supplies. He encourages people to use non-surgical face coverings to reserve medical supplies for responders and health workers. He says the county has given out nearly 1.7 million pieces of personal protective equipment and is now out of those supplies.
-Bellone notes that the governor is working to get more supplies to Long Island. He also thanked residents who are contributing by making masks and pitching in.
-Hospitals in the county may have their own supply chains for PPE, but Bellone says health facilities such as nursing homes in the county have requests in with the county as they burn through supplies. The county needs to help supply first responders, police and others, he says.
-Bellone expressed thanks for donations of PPE supplies, including from the LI Chinese American Association, which donated 20,000 ear-loop masks.
-"This is national emergency, we need national support," said Bellone, calling on the federal government to martial supplies and deliver them here. Bellone says New York will repay anyone who delivers supplies and support.
-"We are searching everywhere around the globe," the executive says, as the county looks to purchase gowns and masks for workers. 
-11,370 people have tested positive in the county, Bellone says.
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