Bellone: COVID-19 death toll surpasses 1,000 in Suffolk County

The death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic surpassed 1,000 residents in Suffolk, County Executive Steve Bellone announced during his daily briefing on Saturday.
The total number deaths stand at 1,042 in the county against a total of 31,921 confirmed cases.
Bellone had “good news” however, saying that there was a reduction of 143 patients in county hospitals in the last day. That brings the total hospitalized in the county to 1,175.
"What we are doing is having a big impact,” Bellone said of continued social distancing guidelines. “We should take solace that lives are being saved every day."
The county executive also says some golf courses will open on Monday and says reusable face coverings form the federal government will be distributed to vulnerable populations in the county.
Briefing Notes:
  • There are 31,921 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Suffolk County.
  • Bellone lauds essential employees who put their safety at risk. He urges Suffolk residents to continue to be vigilant before and after the beginning of a phased opening.
  • "We have seen a reduction of 143 people in our hospitals in the last 24 hours. It brings the total hospitalized to 1,175." Check out the Suffolk County COVID-19 Tracker.
  • Bellone says the reduced patients is "great news."
  • On COVID-19 guidelines: "What we are doing is having a big impact...We should take solace that lives are being saved every day."
  • Bellone: The death toll has surpassed 1,000 Suffolk County residents. It stands at 1,042, with 49 additional deaths in 24 hours. 
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