Bellone commends Suffolk for 'crushing the curve' ahead of holiday weekend

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone delivered his Thursday COVID-19 update from Yaphank along side other top county officials with new information about their coronavirus response.
Bellone announced that county hospitalizations dipped by two to 71, while ICU bedd occupants increased by two to 27. He did not supply information about county deaths but hoped they could see another day without an addition to the death toll.
"We've pretty much plateaued at this level of 25 right now on the ICU beds, it keeps bouncing back and forth," says Bellone.
Bellone touched on the county's continued work distributed pieces of personal protective equipment, with more than 4,000 pieces of PPE going out to mulitple agencies in past 24 hours.
The county executive also gave thanks to his residents' work during the region's reopening, and commends them for 'crushing the curve' of the coronavirus.
Bellone recognized with phase four nearby, that people want to get out of the house, but cautioned that people need to do it safely. He says the holiday weekend is one he'll be watching closely to see if the progress that has been made will continue.
Bellone also spoke about the heightened complaints of the use of illegal fireworks. He say there are potentially disastorous consequences when used by non-professionals. He also reminded residents about the statewide ban on sparklers.