Bellone: 4 at Holtsville party contracted COVID-19, but party adhered to gathering size protocol

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone says four attendees at a Fourth of July party ended up contracting COVID-19, lower numbers than reported earlier from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
The party, which took place in Holtsville, saw 22% of those in attendance contract the virus. Earlier in the day, Cuomo's office said 35% of those attending this event ended up positive for COVID-19.
Bellone said the governor's office came to the 35% figure using preliminary data for people who were "under investigation."
Bellone also added that the Holtsville party did not violate any ordinance, as gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed during phase four.
Suffolk health officials say they believe people who attended the party did not wear face coverings for significant portions of the event.
During the Tuesday news conference, Bellone said overall positive tests were up to higher numbers than seen since May, with over 100 new positive cases in Suffolk.
Though the county saw no new deaths for the third day in a row, the infection rate climbed over 2%. Numbers had been around 1% for the past several weeks before climbing to 1.9% Monday.
Bellone opened his conference wearing a mask, with a message of following CDC guidance, specifically for those in the younger age bracket. Bellone says since June 24, 42% of new positives have come from the younger age group.
Suffolk health officials also say none of the new positive cases have been linked to either the Fire Island Pines party or the Montauk gatherings.