Bail reform remains one of stalling points in completing state budget

State budget negotiations have stalled with bail reform being one of the most debated topics.
Victor Maldonado says he was once for bail reform, but the death of his son changed that. His son, Jonathan, was killed in a Shirley crash by an alleged repeat DWI offended.
He says the pain he has gone through was solely caused by the court's refusal to keep his son's killer in prison.
"Was arrested for parole violation, was arrested for interfering with ignition interlock device," Maldonado says. "Set free on January 2, set free again on January 10. January 12, my son is dead."
Others feel that the bail reform policy needs to remain the way it is.
Executive Director of New Hour for Women and Children Serena Ligouri says her nonprofit supports women and children impacted by incarceration. She says the numbers show that there's no reason to make changes to the policy.
"Right now, the stats are showing for a majority of folks, like 3.6% of folks were out on bail end up reoffending," Ligouri says.
Gov. Kathy Hochul says whether a suspect is held or set free should be decided upon whether they could be a possible threat to public safety.
The governor's critics say that is something judges can already do and Hochul is floating now solely because of politics.