Attorneys representing Gov. Cuomo say AG's report was an ambush

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's attorneys addressed the sexual harassment allegations against him during a Friday news conference.
It comes following the state Attorney General's report released this week, which accused Cuomo of sexually harassing at least 11 women.
A trio of attorneys representing the governor and several members of his executive staff attempted to punch holes in the AG's report. They said it's unfair that the AG's office denied their request for an advanced copy of the report so that Gov. Cuomo could challenge the findings.
Now they're requesting copies of all witness transcripts and are challenging the report's accuracy.
They also argue Gov. Cuomo was not treated fairly and was ambushed by the report.
"The investigation was conducted to support a predetermined narrative," said Rita Glavin, one of the attorneys.
The announcement came just hours after one of the 11 women filed a criminal complaint against Gov. Cuomo with the Albany County Sheriff's Office. The unnamed aide is accusing him of reaching under her shirt and grabbing her breasts when they were alone together at the Executive Mansion last year, as well as rubbing her backside while they were posing together for a picture.
It's the latest piece of evidence the state Assembly Judiciary Committee will consider as it weighs bringing articles of impeachment against the governor.
"We don't have a role in terms of criminal prosecution but everything and anything that is a fact, we will take into consideration," said Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski.
Attorney General Letitia James responded, saying in part, "any suggestion that attempts to undermine the credibility of these women or this investigation is unfortunate."
Gov. Cuomo's legal team has until next Friday to give the committee all the documents they want them to consider in his defense.