Asbestos found in Mineola Middle School classroom

Parents in Mineola are concerned after tests conducted last week at the middle school came back positive for asbestos.
The asbestos was found in the ceiling of the technology workshop, which is located in the basement. Superintendent of Schools Lorenzo Licopoli says he's known about it since the area was first tested back in April when construction on a new heating and ventilation system began.
Licopoli says students were attending class in the workshop even though he knew there was asbestos in the ceiling. "There was asbestos in there, but from our testing it was negative - there were no fibers floating in the air,? he says.
That?s not much comfort to some parents who say even a trace of anything can be harmful to students? health.
The asbestos test was conducted while the new ventilation system was turned on. The results showed an asbestos reading just slightly over the acceptable level.