As Washington drops the Redskins, will East Islip move away from the Redmen?

As the Washington Redskins have announced a name change is coming soon, some Long Island school districts are continuing to wrestle over mascots and team names that have been called racially or ethnically insensitive.
For decades, East Islip High School's mascot has been the Redmen, with even its street named for the team. But petitions have put pressure on the school to change to something else.
The Retire the Redman Committee told News 12 in a statement, "We hope this sends a message to all 900 remaining teams and schools with Native mascots, including East Islip, that the time for change is now." The group said it hopes the Redskins' decision could help the school make the change.
The NFL team announced its intention to choose a new name Monday, after owner Dan Snyder said in the past the team would "never" change its name.
Some students, though, say they aren't sure the East Islip name should change.
"I love the name its just like - that's how we grew up and that's our school -- the pride and everything," says senior Jillian Bradley.
But some parents of current students say it may be time to make the change.
"If it is going nationwide, it's gonna trickle down to everybody," says John Haanraadts.
News 12 asked the East Islip School District for comment, and it referred to a statement it gave last month, saying, "Our district has an open-door policy and we are always available and willing to listen to the voices within our community."