Animal rights advocate fires back at Oyster Bay Animal Shelter employee's TikTok that mocks visitor questions

Video posted to social media showing a worker at the Oyster Bay Animal Shelter mocking questions about what some would consider dangerous dogs has sparked backlash.
Gia Savocchi is a dog behavior consultant and professional dog trainer who also works in the animal shelter in Syosset. She posted a TikTok video that appears to mock a group of women who she says questioned her job performance.
"A group of women likes to question every single evaluation, 'How do you even know that he would attack another dog?'" she says in the video, portraying another woman asking the question. "You don't like every person that you meet. So why should this dog like everybody they meet? I certainly don't like everybody that I meet but that doesn't mean I run up to them and try to stab them."
Throughout the 59-second-long video, Savocchi is seen donning virtual sunglasses and altering her voice to portray the women she's taking issue with.
Lori Prisand, of Plainview, is a local animal advocate who posted Savocchi's video on her Facebook page, calling her out. In addition to being inappropriate, Prisand says it also sends the wrong message.
"I feel that when you watch this TikTok, funny, mocking video and you don't know any history, I feel that you will be like ... this community wants to send dangerous dogs out into society. That's not what any of us want here," says Prisand.
Savocchi refused to speak on the phone with News 12, but issued a statement saying that the video, "was simply a reaction to the public bullying and harassment I have encountered from certain people while serving as an animal behaviorist."
She goes on to state, "I am frequently called a murderer for refusing to look the other way when it comes to dangerous animals... my home has been called late at night and I have received numerous emails over this year that add to the harassment."
A town spokesman says Savocchi works at a number of places outside of the town as well. He did not specify where and would not comment any further.