Abuse feeds cockfighting subculture

In the summer of 2008, investigators acting on an anonymous tip raided a Brooklyn apartment and found 58 birds they say were being bred for cockfighting.
As News 12 The Bronx continues to delve into cockfighting in the city, stories of breeding dens are becoming more commonplace within the illegal subculture.
Authorities also say as part of the cockfighting ethos, the birds are surgically altered and mutilated. One common alteration is attaching sharp razors to the rooster's legs so maximum punishment is inflicted during a fight.
NYPD officials say cockfighting is illegal in the Bronx not only because it is considered animal cruelty, but because they say cockfighting is often associated with other crimes such as drug dealing and violent crime.
Keeping roosters is illegal in New York City, and police say residents who see one should contact authorities.
On Friday, News 12 The Bronx will hear what is being done by lawmakers to prevent cockfighting in the borough.