AAA: Advanced touchscreen dashboards are distracting drivers

A new study from AAA says advanced touchscreen "infotainment" centers in most new vehicles are contributing to distracted driving incidents on roadways. 
AAA says it tested 30 cars with touchscreens and almost half demanded a very high level of concentration to use while the car was in motion. Popular cars like the Chrysler 300 C, Ford Mustang GT, Honda Civic Touring, Mazda3 Touring and the Tesla Model S were on that list. 
AAA spokesman Robert Sinclair says the study found that drivers using in-dashboard navigation systems while driving may be taking their eyes off the road for up to 40 seconds.
"We are talking about eyes off the road, hands off the wheels, but most importantly, mind off the task," says Sinclair. "We found that it takes just two seconds worth of distraction to double your crash risk." 
AAA hopes the auto industry will take its study and a 2012 recommendation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and shut down GPS input and other on screen distractions while cars are in motion.