AAA: 95 percent of NY motorcycle deaths happen in Suffolk

More motorcyclists are killed in Suffolk County than anywhere else in New York state, according to AAA.
Police in both Nassau and Suffolk counties say far too many bikers have recently been involved in serious crashes with cars. In the past week alone, police say seven motorcyclists have been in crashes - two were killed and four were seriously injured.
Many of the Long Island bikers killed in the past year were involved in crashes as a car made a left turn directly in front of the motorcyclist who could not stop in time.
AAA's Robert Sinclair says the statistics in Suffolk are staggering compared with the rest of the state, as it has seen about 95 percent of the New York's deadly motorcycle crashes.
In 2014, according to Department of Motor Vehicles figures, 148 motorcyclists were killed, and 123 of those deaths occurred in Suffolk.
AAA recommends that motorcyclists take annual defensive driving classes, and that car drivers should always be wary when making left turns.
The DMV says there are more than 50,000 motorcycles registered in Nassau and Suffolk counties.