4-week-old fighting for her life against viral lung infection at Winthrop University Hospital

A 4-week-old girl is fighting for her life against a viral infection of the lungs known as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).
Doctors say the infection that brought Brianna Gordon to Winthrop University Hospital presents itself like a cold -- coughing, runny nose, loss of appetite -- but things slowly progressed.
Dr. John Zaso, of East Meadow, says RSV cases spike every few years, but he says he hasn't seen a rise like this season since the early 1990s. Gordon's parents called Zaso for help last week.
"It could be minor -- in young infants particularly, it could be deadly," says Zaso. "She had significant respiratory distress and needed aggressive supportive care."
Brianna's dad says the doctors tell him she's improving, but the couple refuses to leave their girl's side. Thursday will be a week that Brianna has been in the hospital. Despite the draining experience, her father offered advice for those going through the same thing.
"Have patience, stay strong and have faith that something will come through, even though it doesn't seem like it in the moment," says Michael Gordon, Brianna's father.
The Gordons have set up a fundraising page for their child, who he and doctors agree, is a fighter.
"She's 4 weeks old but she has the temperament, attitude of a 16-year-old," says Michael Gordon. "She can do what she wants, and that's it."