Metallic balloons can be hazardous! Here are 4 safety guidelines

Graduations, weddings, Father’s Day and religious occasions – the summer months are filled with special events that are often celebrated with Mylar balloons.
PSEG Long Island is cautioning people that balloons released into the air can become entangled in overhead electric equipment and wires, causing problems.
Here are some safety guidelines to follow:
1. Metallic balloons and other decorations should be kept clear of overhead power lines and equipment, and never purposely released into the air.
2. All balloons with helium should be secured to weights that prevent them from floating away.
3. To properly dispose of a Mylar balloon, safely puncture it in several places to release the helium, and discard it in the trash.
4. Never touch a power line. Do not attempt to retrieve a balloon, toy or anything caught in an overhead power line. Report it by contacting your utility.
Source: PSEG LI