Cops: Grocery workers nab purse snatcher

Four employees at a Copiague supermarket took a break from their regular jobs Saturday for a brief stint in law enforcement.
The four workers are being hailed as heroes after they chased and tackled a would-be purse snatcher. Police say 21-year-old Louis Mancini grabbed an 89-year-old woman?s purse at the IGA store. A chase ensued when supermarket employees Anthony Cavasinni, Ryan Harrigan and Sean Harrigan heard the woman scream. Another employee, Zachary Nappo, followed his co-workers lead in pursuit of the alleged robber.
Ryan Harrigan, 17, says he and the others followed the alleged robber out of the store and to a fence at the back of the store?s property.
"There was a canal and it looked like he was going to jump in, so I grabbed him by the sweatshirt, by the hood and pulled him in and grabbed him up against the fence,? Ryan Harrigan says.
Harrigan says his brother, Sean, and Cavasinni soon caught up and helped restrain Mancini until police arrived.
The young men say the best part was being able to give the woman her purse back.
?She was very very thankful. She gave us a big hug and a kiss,? Cavasinni says. ?She really couldn't say much more. She was so happy and I am happy that she was happy and that fulfilled my day.?
Mancini is charged with robbery and grand larceny.