Residents push back against approval for new hotel near Milleridge Inn

Residents say they are angry after a planned hotel near the Milleridge Inn received a green light.
There has been debate over the project for several years.
The Oyster Bay Zoning Board of Appeals approved variances for parking and the height of the planned Marriott Hotel.
The zoning board has allowed the developer, Kimco Reality, to build the hotel up to 41.7 feet high and to have 550 less parking spots on the entire property than is required by town code.
Neighbors who live behind the hotel along Mary Lane say the large hotel building will block views and overflow parking will spill out onto the street, ruining their quality of life.
But some neighbors think the hotel will be an asset for Jericho.
News 12 asked for a statement from the Town of Oyster Bay and Kimco Reality, but neither wanted to comment.