Jamie Stuart talks to Olympian McLain Ward and Equine Massage therapist at Hampton Classic

On day one of competition at the Hampton Classic, News 12's Jamie Stuart caught up with three-time Olympian McLain Ward and Equine Massage therapist Dee Evans.
Ward came away with a win in the A section.
"The Hampton Classic is always thought of as one of the highest levels, certainly in the nation, and one of the top events in the world," said Ward.
Dee Evans has been an Equine Massage therapist for more than a decade.
"They will tell you. The horses never lie, they tell you exactly where they are sore and where they feel good," Evans said.
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The Hampton Classic is taking place from August 25 through September 1 in Bridgehampton. News 12 will bring you daily digital coverage. Use this highlight rundown for updates about winners and news and notes about the competition.