Witness in Ramrattan trial admits to lying to police

A prosecution witness in the case against Jerry Ramrattan took the stand today and confessed to lying to police in exchange for money, all to help Ramrattan frame his ex-girlfriend. Ramrattan is accused of meticulously plotting to frame Seemona Sumasar to get her put behind bars so that she could not press rape charges against him. Ramrattan allegedly paid three people to call 911 and report that Sumasar had posed as a police officer and robbed them. Sumasar spent seven months in a Nassau County jail before the robbery charges against her were dropped. Luz Johnson, one of the three people who allegedly filed fake police reports, testified today that Ramrattan promised as much as $30,000 to make up the fake story so Sumasar would get arrested. Another friend of Ramrattan's, Neil Lutchman, also took the stand to say he helped Ramrattan and Johnson. Lutchman said he didn't report Ramrattan to the police because he was afraid he would get set up, too.Teen testifies against man accused of framing her motherTrial begins for man accused of framing ex-girlfriendMan charged with framing ex faces another accusation