STORM WATCH: Tracking possible winter storm for NYC Saturday, expected snowfall 3-6" in the Bronx, 6-9" in Brooklyn

A coastal storm could produce impactful accumulating snow for New York City on Saturday. Accumulations of about 3-6 inches of snow is expected with higher amounts possible with any modification of storm track. 6-9" of snow is expected just east of the city and can fall in eastern portions of Brooklyn and Queens. These changes would occur last minute for the area.
TODAY: Cold. Sun with thin clouds. Highs near 32. Lows near 27.
TOMORROW: Snow showers. Highs near 36. Lows near 20.
SATURDAY: Accumulating snow is expected as a coastal storm brushes nearby the area. Plan for 3-6" of snow with modifications expected within 24 hours. Highs near 24. Lows near 14.
SUNDAY: Cold. Highs near 26. Lows near 14. Temperatures can be a bit cooler if there's a snowpack.
MONDAY: Mix of sun and clouds. Highs near 34. Lows near 29.
TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Highs near 41. Lows near 36.
WEDNESDAY - GROUNDHOG DAY: Do you think we will see the groundhog's shadow?? Highs near 48. Lows near 45.