Stella D'oro factory workers continue strike with march

Hundreds of former Stella D?oro factory workers marched through Kingsbridge Saturday in order to gain community support in getting their jobs back.
The protesters say they organized the event to give Brynwood Partners, the owners of the factory, a message that they want contracts and wage increases.
The former workers say they have been on strike since August when Brynwood Partners refused to re-negotiate their contracts. According to the strikers, the company slashed their wages, eliminated overtime and holiday pay and made health insurance prohibitively expensive.
The marchers gathered outside the factory on 237th Street and Broadway and then proceeded almost a mile down to 225th Street. During the event, workers asked the community to boycott the cookie company and stop buying its products until they get their jobs back.
Local 50, the union that represents the former workers, has filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. A decision on the complaint is expected within the week.
Brynwood Partners did not return phone calls for comment.