Rockland County says state mulling temporary takeover of Spring Valley building inspections with county help

Rockland County tells News 12 that the state is considering a temporary takeover of building inspections in Spring Valley - with county assistance.
Rockland County Executive Ed Day confirms the state has been talking with his office for weeks about taking over the Building Department in the village following the fire at Evergreen Court.
The fire left a resident and firefighter dead, and six people have been charged, including village employees Wayne Ballard and Steve Canario who are accused of falsifying building inspection records for years.
Day says both men continue to work and have not been suspended.
"They were arrested on falsifying records that's directly responding to their job. It's not a matter of being guilty or innocent, it's a matter of them not doing their duty," says Day.
News 12 reached out to the state for comment but hasn't heard back yet.