Police: Port Jeff Station grandmother conned out of thousands

An elderly Port Jefferson Station woman was conned out of thousand of dollars after getting a call from someone posing as her grandson, authorities say. Investigators say someone pretending to be Barbara Burtch's grandson, David, called her earlier this month. The caller claimed he was in trouble in Mexico City and needed money to quickly get out of jail. Burtch says the caller knew some personal things about her grandson. She says she got a second call from someone claiming to be an U.S. Embassy diplomat. Believing her grandson was in danger, Burtch quickly wired $2,800. Authorities say Burtch fell victim to what's been called the "grandparents scam," and they say it's becoming a growing problem on Long Island. Eight similar incidents were reported last year. Officials are advising people who receive suspicious calls to ask questions that only their true loved one would know how to answer. They say potential victims should call friends or relatives to confirm the story, and also call police.