Thousands of residents remain under boil water advisory after water main break in city of Newburgh

Repairs to a water main in the city of Newburgh remain underway after an old section of pipe broke Wednesday. 
The removed cast iron infrastructure could be seen on the pavement Thursday on Little Britain Road with a large crack down the side. 
Thousands of residents on the south side of the city lost water service for 24 hours while repairs were underway. 
People were seen getting bottled water Wednesday that was being distributed by the city and water tanker stations were set up at three different spots for residents to fill up bottles in affected neighborhoods.  
“It’s a lot more inconvenient than you realize,” said city resident Jamar Ferguson. “You learn how much you use your water so it’s like you have to stop and think every time.” 
The water main break shut down restaurants and closed schools Wednesday. 
Kids that went in at the start of school were immediately sent home. 
“I got a lot of little cousins that go to school. They had to leave school early yesterday because of it. They were kind of upset,” said Nate Youngbood. 
South Middle School and NFA Ann Street remained closed Thursday and a boil water advisory is in effect citywide as a precaution. 
Officials say the pipe that broke is part of the city’s original infrastructure dating back to the early 1900s.