More than 50 demonstrators peacefully march for change along the Grand Concourse

New York City has seen a week full of protests, with thousands hitting the streets in honor of George Floyd.
Demonstrators in the Bronx Thursday marched for change at Joyce Kilmer Park.
More than 50 demonstrators marched along the Grand Concourse with one goal in mind, to speak for their community.
Althea Stevens, a youth developer in the Bronx, wonders how many more black lives have to be taken before the city tears down bad policing and discrimination.
“I am scared for my kids. I am scared for them to walk outside. I get calls at night and I’m paranoid it’s going to be one of my kids who are hurting in the streets. Two years ago, I got a call that my son was tased by the cops,” says Stevens.
Demonstrators say they are walking peacefully, hoping to have their voices heard. Not only fighting against police brutality, but through a pandemic that has taken many brown and black lives in the Bronx.