Pilip, Suozzi spar over migrant crisis ahead in race for vacant seat in Congress

The two candidates seeking to take George Santos' vacant congressional held dueling press conferences focused on the migrant crisis.
Republican candidate Mazi Pilip first spoke outside of a migrant tent city in Queens Village, saying she would work to stop President Joe Biden and her opponent's sanctuary city policy and secure the border.
Democratic candidate Tom Suozzi then held a press conference of his shortly after Pilip's finished hers. In a new ad, the Suozzi campaign says that he will work in a bipartisan manner to "close illegal immigrant loophopes and open paths to citizenship for those who follow the rules."
The migrant crisis issue is one that is hitting voters across the state. According to a new Siena College poll, over 80% of New Yorkers believe the influx of migrants is a serious problem.