Long Island native, centenarians offer 100 years of wisdom through documentary

As the pandemic continues to cause havoc on society’s oldest adults, a Massapequa-born filmmaker has released the stories of “The Greatest Generation” in centenarians.
The series is about a young man’s search for meaning through conversations with 100-year-olds.
Long Island native Michael Cantalupo and director Andriy Kyryllov are focused on forging a path to a meaningful future through the perspective of humans that have lived for over 100 years.
Centenarians, who have witnessed first-hand more time than most people can even
fathom, are the center of the production.
The centenarians filmmakers are hoping to make clear that elders, who are largely still marginalized, are not only relevant, but essential to the advancement of humanity.
There are still over 70,000 centenarians living in the United States. That number was set to grow rapidly, but the ongoing pandemic continues to threaten the most vulnerable.
There’s a significant psychological theory behind the importance elders can play in our current society.
Dr. Alexander Batthyany, director of the Viktor Frankl Institute and World Leading Psychologist, has stated that the centenarians documentary project can be “wonderful for a society currently riddled by existential frustration, indifference, and wide-spread demoralization crises."
Former YouTuber-turned centenarians filmmaker, Cantalupo, who was inspired by his love for his late grandparents, states, “We hope to create a future where ‘Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ is no longer the most recognizable line by an older adult on television.”