Massapequa drops first game of Little League World Series to Honolulu

Massapequa Coast fell to Honolulu in their first Little League World Series game Friday, but the dream continues.
The boys from Massapequa will now have to win their next game in the double-elimination tournament.
Hawaii led from the starting, eventually winning the game 12-0.
But it's been a magical run so far that has awakened the Massapequa community.
The Town of Oyster Bay hosted a watch party at John J. Burns Park for the big game.
The crowd was around twice the size of last week's watch party when Massapequa advanced to the Little League World Series.
Fans of the team are already impressed by the youthful players.
“I'm nervous just talking to you so I can't imagine being at the plate, ESPN, people watching, everyone's at home cheering," says Ricky Zurita. "It just shows a lot of what they have inside them, chosen as a team and what hte coach has done."
Win or lose their next game, they'll have a sweet welcome home. Once Bitten Donuts promised the team its specialty Hometown Hero and Metro Champs donuts --decorated in their World Series jersey colors.
Customers came from near and far to purchase the doughnuts and to celebrate what's already been an amazing journey for the team of 12-year-olds.
Massapequa Coast’s next game will be Sunday afternoon.