Law requiring cars to keep 3 feet away from cyclists signed in Suffolk

A law requiring cars to be 3 feet away from bike riders was signed into law by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.
Legislator Kara Hahn, whose husband was hit by a car while biking, sponsored the bill. It's the first of its kind in New York state.
Hahn says the goal is to make the road safer for everyone.
Excluding New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties have the deadliest roads for bike riders in the state.
"This is to turn that around," says Hahn. 'It's important that drivers give bikers a buffer in case there is an obstacle in the road that driver can't see that is dangerous to a cyclist."
Hal Tarry rides about 30 miles on his bike several times a week and knows how frightening bike riding on Long Island can be.
"A motorist came up behind me and suddenly made a turn in front of me and knocked me over," says Tarry.
Drivers say sometimes it's impossible to move over 3 feet.
Facebook user Peter Thomas commented on the News 12 Long Island page, saying, "Great now tell the cyclists to stay in their lane and ride single file on the main roads!"
The bottom line, says Tarry, is that "we all need to get along."
Drivers could face up to $425 in fines for not adhering to the law. The law goes into effect immediately.