It's time for spring cleaning! Don't forget these 9 tasks

Creating a clean and comfortable environment is especially important now that many of us are spending more time in our homes.
That's where spring cleaning comes in!
Go above and beyond with your cleaning this year and don't forget these tasks:

1. Linens

From your window coverings to your shower curtain and liner to your bedsheets, adding your linens to your spring-cleaning to-dos is a great way to cover multiple areas of your home.

2. Pillows and mattresses

While you’re probably in the habit of regularly washing your sheets and pillowcases, you might not give as much attention to your pillows and mattress. But both need a good cleaning at least twice a year. Wash pillows in the gentle cycle and let them air out completely. Your mattress should be vacuumed, spot treat any stains, deodorize the mattress by sprinkling baking soda over the entire surface - to tackle odors, then go back over with the vacuum.

3. Blinds

For those with blinds, dusting is the bare minimum, but you can also scrub them down and hang them back up for some extra shine! See some tips in the video below:

4. Doorframes and handles

Take your duster or a damp cloth to the frames to attack the dust that’s accumulated. Get the door handles too to get germs that live on some of our most-touched surfaces.

5. Upholstered furniture

For those with upholstered furniture, this tip is for you. We’re all guilty of enjoying a snack or two on the couch, which can lead to crumbs, spills, and stains. Break out the vacuum attachments and get in all the cracks and crevices, plus remove all pillows and vacuum under them.

6. Behind the TV

It’s easy to overlook the things we don’t see often, but if you take a look behind your TV, you might notice a serious buildup of dust. Using a dry microfiber cloth to get rid of dust can actually extend your TV’s lifespan too, as dust can be the culprit of electrical malfunctions. And don't forget the TV remotes too!

7. Utensil drawer

A common spring-cleaning task is scrubbing out the pantry or shelves, but don’t forget the often-forgotten utensil drawer. Remove all the utensils and other items, thoroughly clean the drawer itself, and return your utensils.

8. Showerhead and hose

When is the last time you cleaned your shower head and hose? Not only can mold grow in the small grooves of the showerhead or hose, but a good cleaning of these bathroom items can help improve the water pressure of your shower! Check out this step-by-step guide.

9. Smoke detector

Though most of these tasks include cleaning, adding your smoke detector to your spring-cleaning to-do’s is a great way to regularly check your smoke detector and batteries. Testing the batteries should be done twice a year, so check them out now and set an alert to remind yourself again as fall begins.
Check out this room-by-room checklist to help you get started in your spring cleaning tasks!