'I want my grandpa to feel better.' Family uses social media to try and find kidney donor

A local family is seeking the public's help to find a 70-year-old grandfather a new kidney.
Hannah Olivera, 8, reached out in a video on social media about her grandfather, Daniel Greenberg, who has renal failure.
"I want my grandpa to feel better," Hannah Olivera says.
"My health has basically been degenerating for the last year and a half," Greenberg says.
He got answers five months ago. Greenberg needs a kidney transplant.
The Sandy Hook resident is on the list - but the wait is a long one.
"They told us approximately eight years," says Hannah's mom, Rachel Olivera. "In our opinion, well, that's not an option. So we need to do our best to find someone as soon as we can."
It's a role reversal of sorts for Greenberg, who took care of his sick wife until her death a year ago.
"My wife was diagnosed with ALS in April of 2016," he says. "There was more or less four years that she had a degrading situation, and it wasn't pleasant."
"He's gone through quite a bit over the last couple years as the primary caregiver for my mom, and we want him to be able to live," Rachel Olivera says.
She says while her mom's disease was incurable, this situation is different. That's why she, her husband and her daughter have turned to their network and to social media to help find a living donor for him.
"Just like any loved one, you want to do whatever you can to preserve their health so that they're not only surviving but thriving," says Herman Olivera.
Immediate family members aren't an option right now, but they're hoping someone out there is.
"We want him - to be a great-grandpa to his grandkids, you know. To be able to travel, to be able to do the things that he has not been able to do," Rachel Olivera says.
For more information about the process and testing to be a living donor, click here. It starts with a simple two-minute form.
Click here for Rachel Olivera's contact information and call 866-925-3897 for the Yale New Haven transplant teams.