'I think we have been resilient enough.' Bronx resident hasn't had gas in apartment since January

News 12 spoke to one Belmont resident who says she hasn't had working gas in her apartment for eight months.
Melanie Vazquez has lived in her Bronx apartment for 29 years. She tells News 12 she hasn't had gas since Jan. 11- more than an inconvenience for the mom of two with a 7-month-old baby.
Vazquez says when the gas was cut off, the building gave each apartment one hot plate in place of the stove. She's added more appliances like electric skillets and a microwave to attempt to make family meals. She says her electric bill has skyrocketed and that she sometimes resorts to eating out.
Vazquez adds they reduced her rent by $50 a month, but it doesn't put a dent in her increased bills.
"Breakfast is hard, lunch is hard, dinner is hard. Everything is getting extremely tiring at this point. I think we have been resilient enough. There are a lot of things to take into consideration with having no gas," she says.
Con Edison told News 12 the gas was turned off back in January because a leak was found in the pipes. They said they're waiting for the building's owner to make repairs before they can turn the gas back on.
News 12 reached out to the management company but hasn't heard back yet.