Husband, wife duo showcases work of artists affected by Hurricane Maria at BxArts Factory

Photographer Jonathan Lessuck and novelist Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa are showcasing the work and stories of 10 Puerto Rican artists and one community service provider at a new exhibition entitled the 'Artists After Maria' at the BxArts Factory on Melrose Avenue.
The exhibition gives insight into the lives of those affected by Hurricane Maria and how the disaster still affects both their personal lives and professional work more than two years later.
All of Lessuck's photographs displayed at the exhibition are accompanied by a narrative from his wife, Llanos-Figueroa.
A native of Puerto Rico, Llanos-Figueroa thinks it is important for people to see the faces and hear the voices of Puerto Ricans who lived through a devastating experience and are trying to do the best they can.
Lessuck and Llanos-Figueroa hope that together the exhibition will tell a full story about the artists at the exhibition and share the message that people in Puerto Rico still need help.
The 'Artists After Maria' exhibition was launched on Nov. 4. and will be showing at the BxArts Factory until Dec. 6.