Guide: Back-to-school preparation 2021

If you are looking to skip the back-to-school butterflies, here’s how you and your child can get ready for the day and make the transition easier:

The week before

Set a reasonable bedtime:
- Start the school routine a week before school starts so your children are adjusted to the school routine.
Back-to-school shopping:
- Find out what you child may need for the upcoming year. Teachers may also ask for additional classroom supplies like tissues, baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer and soap. - If your child is home, they will still need supplies, find out if there is a separate supply list.
STATE OF OUR SCHOOLS: Back-to-school resources
Meet the teacher:
- Although your child might not be able to go into the school to meet his/her teacher ahead of class, some school districts may be offering virtual classroom visits. 

The day before

Check supplies:
- Fill backpacks ahead of time with important papers, school information and make sure your children have everything they need on their supply list.
- Don't forget a mask! Click here for 11 things to consider if your school is requiring the use of cloth face coverings.
Pack lunch:
- Pack a lunch ready with different healthy snacks. If you have an elementary school-aged kid check out what to pack, and not to pack here

The day of

Eat a healthy breakfast:
- Send your children off to school, or to the computer with a healthy breakfast that will keep them full and focused until lunchtime. Understand the arrival and dismissal procedure 
- Make sure you know if there is a staggered arrival procedure at school. Because of COVID-19 many schools are trying to control the crowds.- Make sure that your child knows their bus number or who is picking them up at the end of the school day. - If taking the bus or mass transit, make sure your child knows the rules, and has a mask.

After school

Homework space:
- Have a designed space for your child to do their homework. Make sure it is a quiet place where they are not easily distracted.
- Parents/guardians should fill out emergency contact information and look over any other important documents the school sends home.- Learn what steps to take if you, your child or anyone you came into contact with becomes sick with COVID-19. Success all year long
Communication with teacher:
- Email and have regular phone conversations with teachers. If possible attend back-to-school nights and parent-teacher conferences. These meetings may be virtual, making it easier for some working parents to attend while at work.
Look out for signs of bullying or stress:
- As the school year moves forward, communicate with your child to see if they are feeling stressed in school.