Gubernatorial debate touches on TZB issues

The Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge, which is set to open in a matter of weeks, was a topic of discussion Wednesday evening at the gubernatorial debate between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Democratic challenger Cynthia Nixon.
The $3.9 billion span is the largest infrastructure project in the state.
The candidates went back and forth on two issues surrounding the bridge, including the cost of the future tolls and how the bridge got its name.
The governor was firm, despite the controversy, that he wants to keep the bridge named after his father. He was less than firm about the thing on most commuter's minds: How much will it cost to cross when the toll freeze ends in 2020?
“It’s going to depend on the finances overall of the state,” said Cuomo.
Nixon responded, “This is endemic of how Gov. Cuomo rules, there's not a lot of transparency.”
While the candidates spent the hourlong debate launching personal attacks at each other, voters News 12 talked to say they wished there would have been more substance on the important matters that directly affect their lives every day.