Gov. Murphy lashes out at ‘right-wing talking heads’ after weekend mass shootings

Gov. Phil Murphy had strong words for “right-wing” politicians and political pundits in the wake of two mass shootings over the weekend in southern California and Buffalo, New York, that left more than 10 people dead and others injured.
“Cue the expected and pitiful expressions of ‘thoughts and prayers’ from those held so powerfully in the grip of the gun lobby,” Murphy said. “And, as it pertains to Buffalo, cue the hurried backpedaling from the right-wing talking heads and politicians who have so freely and openly peddled the garbage ‘replacement conspiracy’ – I can't bring myself to call it a theory – and who can't possibly believe that the words they've poisoned our airwaves and rotted our civil dialogue with could actually come home to roost.”
The governor continued, “I think every single one of them knows where they can shove their ‘thoughts and prayers.’”
Murphy went on to call on the state Legislature to pass the Gun Safety 3.0 bill. He says that the legislation will not only make it harder for guns to fall into the wrong hands, but will also give law enforcement officials the tools they need to better protect communities.
Authorities say that the gunman in the shooting at a church in California was a Chinese immigrant who was motivated by a hatred for Taiwanese people.
The accused gunman in the Buffalo shooting allegedly targeted members of the Black community. A 180-page document purportedly written by the 18-year-old suspect apparently referenced the Hasidic Jewish community in Ocean County in a derogatory manner.