First snowfall of year to bring headaches for commuters on Tuesday

Long Islanders should prepare for a wintry mess on the roads to start their workweek.
Families on the North Shore, like Munira Mulani, went to the grocery store Monday to stock up on essentials.
"We expect the storm to come in so we just wanted, because we have kids for school and everything, we just want to pack up the snacks and everything for them and have some grocery and milk and bread at the house,” she said.
Still reeling from the flooding effects of the last two storms, Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino says crews are ready for the snow.
"You never know how bad a storm will be. Will it be accompanied by flooding, which we've seen quite a bit of in the last two weeks,” said Saladino. “What other complications? Will there be trees down?"
Over 250 trucks will hit the roads Monday night to prevent problems Tuesday morning.
"They load sand between 12 a.m. and 2 am. Then they hit the roads and by 6 a.m., we'll put a combination of salt and sand down on every road in the town,” said Saladino.
Town Of Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin has 1,200 miles of roadway to treat Monday night.
"We're going to have about 140 pieces of equipment ready and on standby,” said Clavin. “Initially, we're going to have about 40 sanders out there doing the main roads, but if things take a turn for the worst, we're going to be ready."
Town officials say they're expecting between a trace of snow to three inches. Some Long Islanders, like Angela Mathew, say they're not worried at all.
"It’s just another storm and we're due for it,” she said. “We haven't had one, like a really bad one, in years. So we're kind of lucky to be honest with you."
Officials still warn drivers to be extra careful when hitting the roads Tuesday morning.
"You really need to expect a slower day,” said Clavin. “Kids are probably going to have, maybe a potentially delayed start to school. And going to work is going to be a little bit slower. So just take it easy, and be aware of the conditions."