Family says daughter is unable to get specialized health care

The parents of a Bridgeport woman suffering from multiple sclerosis and dementia say their daughter is unable to get the specialized health care she needs.
Norma and Curtis Meadows say their 49-year-old daughter, Pam, has been hospitalized for a month and a half.
They say there is no long-term care facility available that is appropriate for their daughter's age. They say the only choice they have is the option of putting her in a locked psychiatric ward for seniors -- something they refuse to do.
"It's frustrating to me as a mother trying to cope with her in life with this problem," said Norma Meadows. "I've worked in the medical field and I know it's out there but they're not doing it."
The couple says watching their daughter's condition deteriorate is heartbreaking, and they do not know where to turn.
Norma Meadows said she retired several years ago to care for Pam Meadows, but it has become an overwhelming task.
The family met Sunday with Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who said he will investigate their situation and try to help.
The couple says they do have hope and faith, but it's not easy keeping their spirits up as their daughter's condition continues to deteriorate.
Mayor Joe Ganim says his office is also working with the family to help get them assistance.