Ex-MacArthur inspector forms whistleblower group

A former FAA inspector at MacArthur airport has formed a whistleblower group aiming to bring airline safety findings directly to Congress.
Rich Wyeroski says he lost his FAA job in retaliation for reporting a near miss on the runway between two planes. Wyeroski believes the airline industry and FAA have too many mutual financial interests to be effective.
"It's coming down to dollars," he says. "It's a cozy relationship with the airlines and FAA management."
Wyeroski and Chris Monteleon, another former FAA inspector, have formed the "FAA Whistleblowers Group." Monteleon shares a similar story with his MacArthur counterpart. He says he began warning the FAA about the danger of "Colgan Air" pilots a year before the recent Continental crash in Buffalo. The pilots at the helm of that flight were Colgan-trained, and pilot error is being suspected as the cause of the fatal crash by some experts.
Wyeroski hopes his whistleblowers group can testify before the Senate transportation committee next Wednesday.