Enjoy your summer on the water with these 9 safety tips in mind

The summer heat is here, and what better way to spend these days than on the water?

Proper safety precautions can help you enjoy the many waterways in the tri-state area.

Here are nine tips for water safety:

1. Boaters wear a personal floatation device whenever you're on the water.

2. Wear a personal flotation device while on any watercraft.

3. Boaters need to complete a safe boating course.

4. Boaters should properly equip and inspect their vessel.

5. When on a boat or watercraft, maintain a prudent speed.

6. Refrain from mixing alcohol when boating or using a watercraft.

7. Check the weather forecast before heading out on the water to learn about potential storms and seek immediate shelter on shore if thunder is audible.

8. People paddling canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards should know their abilities and take precautions when there are high or steady winds creating large waves, or when they are in strong currents.

9. Paddlers in waters where there are motorboats should keep close to shorelines and out of main channels.
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